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Cool Typographic Poster Designs


UK-based freelance graphic designer Pete Ware of 17th and Oak pay typographic homage to  movies and TV by using iconic quotes and characters. How about this Darth Vader one? Fantastic. An A3 print cost  £30 including P&P. Check out his webpage 17thandOak.co.uk for more designs and information on how to order. He also creates personalised cdesigns of your favourite quote.


Retro Japanese Graphic Design Art

I saw those two japanese retro poster graphic art a while ago over at Pink Tentacle and fell in love. The first one is a Reijiin sheet music cover from 1930 and the second one is a poster by Shujiro Shimomura from 1928. Click on the link above for more example of Japanese poster art from the 1920s and 1930s



What a Hot Dog! Clever Packaging Design

Some design are just so cute and clever that you wish you had come up with it yourself. Not that I would ever work for a meat company being a vegetarian and all, but still…not gonna deny that I just love this artwork.


Designed by Bangkok based agency Subconscious for the client True Coffee. They wanted a cool design that would attracts the teenage demographic, so they reinvented the meaning of the word hot dog. supercute result.

Pantone – not only for proofing colours, now also for hiding the clutter!

Graphic Design Junkie as I am, I can’t live without Pantone. It’s just as important as Apple and Adobe. So imagine my happyness when I discovered this little gem while browsing my favourite online stores.


They are available in five more colours, is made from aluminium and measures 30 x 22 x 11 cm, which makes it perfect for storing A4 papers or most magazines. Pic courtesy of Inreda.com.

Design your dream house, or why not a whole city

I wanna share a tip about a great drawing program; it’s called SketchUp, and is an easy to learn 3D modelling program released by Google and has been on the market for a few years now. (It’s currently on version 8). With this program can now very easily draw cool furniture or any other 3D object, design your dream house and decorate it, or if you dream big; why not design a whole city. You can also use Google Earth and add your own touch to already existing cities.

Sketch Up example by Ryan 81

Most 3D drawing programs cost a fortune and even though Sketchup obviously isn’t as advanced as, say, Maya (which cost an arm and a leg at around 5000 EUR), you can still do a lot with it. And best of all is that it is free to download and free to use.

Download here

How a Deep Throating Fish Ended up Blue in the Face

Take something that  is so  bland that you take its look for granted, add some creativity and smart design to it and shake the mix and you might (if you’re lucky) get wonderful result.That’s what happened when Finnish company Fazer teamed up with the ad agency Hasan & Partners to reinvent their house style packaging design for bread.   It’s nothing but pure genius.  If I spotted this loaf of bread in my grocery shop it would  end up in my basket in two seconds, no matter what the bread tasted like (unless it tasted what it looks like. Fish-bread can’t be good no matter what spices they use).

PS! Don’t you just love the word “Vilpuri”? No clue what it means but it has such nice ring to it. Reminds me of  Wild Purring.