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El Bocho – Best of the best among Street Artist, Current Exhibition in Berlin


Raab Galerie Berlin exhibits my favourite street artist, the incredible talented and world famous yet super mysterious   El Bocho, between Jan 15 to Feb 23rd. In other words, it opens today!  Don’t miss it if you’re in Berlin! A painting by El Bocho are sold at the galery  from 5000 EUR and up. His work is a tribute to his beloved home town Berlin.


For more information, opening hours and directions on how to get there check the official Raab Galerie Berlin website, which is in both english and german.

Raab Gallery Berlin is located on  Fasanenstraße 72 neatr Savignyplatz.

Pics courtesy of Raab Galerie Berlin / Copyright El Bocho


A Parallel World in Noemi Goudal’s Impressive Photography

Haven Her Body Was and les Amants are creative installations by London-based artist and photographer Noemie Goudal.  Creating the illusion of open doors to a parallell universe, Goudal shows a world where nothing is what it seems to be at first glance.

For more info and more photographs check her official website at noemiegoudal.com
All photographs belong to Noemi Goudal.

Awesome Artwork at United Loneliness by multi-talented Andras Bartos

One of my favourite pop-art artists is the talented and creative Berlin-based Andras Bartos. He also works as an art and set director for  theatre, TV and Movies in Germany, Hungary and France. And he creates fantasticly and oddly cute sculptures too! In 2006 he opened a shop United Loneliness in Scheunenviertel in Berlin,  where you can buy canvas prints, cards and originals of his work.

Check out his work at his [official website] or the [webshop] for United Loneliness store where you can buy some of his canvas prints. In the real shop i Berlin they carry a much bigger assortment. The shop is located on Oranienburger Strasse 27 in the Scheunenviertel in Berlin Mitte. S-bahn stop S-Bahn Oranienburger Str. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re in Berlin.

Black Swan Goes Retro

Fantastic   illustrated posters for the 2010 movie Blackswan. The artwork is by British Design studio LaBoca. I very much prefer those to the original poster.


Retro Japanese Graphic Design Art

I saw those two japanese retro poster graphic art a while ago over at Pink Tentacle and fell in love. The first one is a Reijiin sheet music cover from 1930 and the second one is a poster by Shujiro Shimomura from 1928. Click on the link above for more example of Japanese poster art from the 1920s and 1930s



Mademoiselle Oiseau – Chic Swedish Tableware Design in Five Parts

I love Mademoiselle Oiseau, the  porcelain collaboration between Swedish  illustrator and fashion designer Lovisa Burfitt and   swedish company Rörstrand, acclaimed  worldwide for their high quality porcelain dinnerware and mugs.

Madame Oiseau

The Madame Oiseau collection consist of five parts: a mug, an espresso mug, a cake plate on foot, a jar with lid and a (very) small plate, and tells the story of Burfitt’s original illustrated character, the excentric and decadent Mademoiselle Oiseau who lives in Paris with her cat. The collection won Elle Interior’s Design award last year.

Small Plate

Jar with lid

Espresso Cup


Cake Tray on Foot

It’s the perfect example of how tableware can be fun, chic, cool, contemporary and classic at the same time. Such a far cry from grandma’s teaware.

Retail price runs between €13 (espresso cup) to 65 (cake plate on foot).

The collection can be ordered online at www.scandinaviandesigncenter.com who ships worldwide ad has short delivery times, only 3-7 days.

What a Hot Dog! Clever Packaging Design

Some design are just so cute and clever that you wish you had come up with it yourself. Not that I would ever work for a meat company being a vegetarian and all, but still…not gonna deny that I just love this artwork.


Designed by Bangkok based agency Subconscious for the client True Coffee. They wanted a cool design that would attracts the teenage demographic, so they reinvented the meaning of the word hot dog. supercute result.