Black Swan Goes Retro

Fantastic   illustrated posters for the 2010 movie Blackswan. The artwork is by British Design studio LaBoca. I very much prefer those to the original poster.



Being a huge architect and design buff, I am immensly fascinated by Hafen City in Hamburg. It’s such an interesting development to follow and the quality of it is amazing.

1000 Hamburg

In the former industrial area of where the free-port used to be in Hamburg, the construction of the impressive HafenCity currently arises.  The biggest urban development in Europe; it will provide homes for 12 000 people, jobs for 40 000, universities, primary schools,  cultural and leisure facilities, shops  and restaurants.

Extraordinary high quality of architecture and public space design,  along with the closeness to the innercity (only a few hundred metres),  ecological sustainability and the mighty size of size  126 hectar land area and  31 hectar of water area,  are some of the things that set HafenCity apart from the other major urban developments currently underway and in development.

As seen in the picture below, HafenCity will be huge.

HafenCity got registered as an  official citydistrict in 2006 and the developer and project management is HafenCity Hamburg GmbH.  The new city district is expected to be completed in about 15 years. …

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QisDesign – Innovative and Beautiful Lighting Design

Taiwanese lighting company QisDesign makes fantastic innovative lamps. Two of their latest lamps are Flamenca and Coral.  Flamenca (pic below) is inspired by “the breathtaking movement of Flamenco dancer’s ruffled skirt twirling around in the air”

I also love their table lamp Coral, which is inspired by sparkling water.

Both lamps uses LED technology. More info on QisDesign and their products [here]

Samova – Modern Tea Culture at its Best

Just wanna share this link to my other blog to my plug for Samova, because Samova is such a brilliant design brand with quality tea to match.

Samova – Modern Tea Culture at its Best.

A Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Square – Genius Advertising

What would you do if you passed the square in your town and saw agiant red button with a sign that says “Push to Add Drama”? Would you push it?

That’s the idea behind TNT Belgium’s brilliantly executed live-commerical. It’s absolutely genius. Check it out below. Thanks to my dear friend malinaldi who brought this to my attention.

Retro Japanese Graphic Design Art

I saw those two japanese retro poster graphic art a while ago over at Pink Tentacle and fell in love. The first one is a Reijiin sheet music cover from 1930 and the second one is a poster by Shujiro Shimomura from 1928. Click on the link above for more example of Japanese poster art from the 1920s and 1930s



Very nice event in hamburg this weekend. I will definitely be there.

1000 Hamburg

On Saturday April 7 , two of Hamburg’s finest art galleries, the Heliumcowboy Artspace  and Feinkunst Krüger teams up with art institution Das Magazin  in a cool, not to be missed,  event with two grand opening vernissages and an afterparty at Das Magazin.


There will be shuttles walks between the three locations for those who aren’t familiar with the area.


Vernissage @ Heliumcowboy  Artspace
Exhibition by Hamburg based artist duo Adameva
Where:  Bäckerbreitergang 75 (Neustadt)
When: 19.00-23.00
Official Website Heliumcowboy

Vernissage @ Feinkunst Krüger
Exhibition by 5 artists from Dresden: Tilman Hornig, Martin Mannig, Kai Hügel, Paul Barsch, Bernd Imminger
Where: Kohlhöfen 8 (Neustadt)
When: 20.00-24.00
Official Website Feinkunst Krüger

Afterparty @ Das Magazin
Afterparty with live music by jessica International
Where: Teilfeld 8 (Neustadt)
When: From 23.00
Official Blog





More info (click for more info)
Helium Cowboy…

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