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The Manhattan Project

Such a nice time-lapse video; The Manhattan project by Cameron Michael who filmed various locations throughout Manhattan.

The Manhattan Project from Cameron Michael on Vimeo.

More info:
Facebook; Cameron Michael
Twitter: Cameron Michael


Mademoiselle Oiseau – Chic Swedish Tableware Design in Five Parts

I love Mademoiselle Oiseau, the  porcelain collaboration between Swedish  illustrator and fashion designer Lovisa Burfitt and   swedish company Rörstrand, acclaimed  worldwide for their high quality porcelain dinnerware and mugs.

Madame Oiseau

The Madame Oiseau collection consist of five parts: a mug, an espresso mug, a cake plate on foot, a jar with lid and a (very) small plate, and tells the story of Burfitt’s original illustrated character, the excentric and decadent Mademoiselle Oiseau who lives in Paris with her cat. The collection won Elle Interior’s Design award last year.

Small Plate

Jar with lid

Espresso Cup


Cake Tray on Foot

It’s the perfect example of how tableware can be fun, chic, cool, contemporary and classic at the same time. Such a far cry from grandma’s teaware.

Retail price runs between €13 (espresso cup) to 65 (cake plate on foot).

The collection can be ordered online at who ships worldwide ad has short delivery times, only 3-7 days.

Rotor Design

I love the collection Under Solen (“Under the Sun”) by swedish design company Rotor Design. It might be because Orange, black and white is one of my favorite colour combinations in graphic design. Under Solen showcases the same clean but stylish design that is Rotor’s trademark.  The tray below isn’t from the Under Solen collection, but it makes  a nice design buddy.

Coffe and tea mug (3 dl) 11,5cm


Jar with lid, 11 cm diameter

Tray in Birchwood (38cm).


Rotor products can be found in selected home decoration stores. Rotor Design also has an online shop at but I think they only ship within Sweden.

Pantone Creates Make-Up Line


Each year Pantone appoints a specific colour to Colour of the Year, and for 2012 the choice landed on the orange red 17-1463 or the more aptly named Tangerine Tango.


Sophisticated, but at the same time dramatic and seductive, Tangerine Tango is an orange with a lot of depth to it,” says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of PANTONE Color Institute, in an official statement from Pantone, adding that “The color is a spirited, “vivacious and appealing reddish orange”.

The biggest news however, is that Pantone has teamed up with Sephora to create a whole make-up line out of the Tangerine Tango, including eye shadows, lipsticks, lipgloss and even make-up brushes that all are in various hues of the 2012 Colour of the Year.



The products can be purchased at



Peel – Stripping You from Stress and Pain, and Looking Great While Doing So.

Peel Chair by Varier

This is chair design at its absolute best. I am in love with the innovative, comfortable and extraordinare chairs made by Norwegian based Varier Furniture, an organization completely devoted to ergonomic furniture by making human body central to the design and its main instrument. But they certainly haven’t forgotten about design, which some ergonomic-focused companies too often tend do.


The design of the Peel chair is inspired by the shape that orange peels take when you peel the fruit. Beautiful.
It costs from 2000 EUR upwards, depending on the customization of you choice, and is available in lots of different colours and fabrics, and with or without the foot pall.

For more info check Varier’s website: [Official Website]
All pics courtesy of Varier Furniture.

Familie von Quast – Cool, Fun and Tongue in Cheek Design

Love, love, love these placemats (11.90 EUR for a 6-pack) by Familie von Quast.



Check out the rest of the Familie von Quast products at their online store or visit their cute store at Marktstrasse 6 in Hamburg.

They have tons of fun stuff and everything is at affordable prices. Perfect gifts.

I also love their toilet stickers, and I think we all know why below sticker (9.95 EUR) was invented.

Toilet Sticker

Familie von Quast Store

Behold the Holy Shit toilet sticker on the toilet in the lower right corner in front of the store. hehe.

I love the store’s tagline, roughly translated to “I have what you don’t have”

Pics courtesy of Familie von Quast

Bengt & Lotta – Swedish Design Duo with an Iron Touch

Bengt & Lotta is a swedish design duo who makes fabulous products with a very distinct touch and look. Founded in 1990, they are mostly known for their trademark ironwork products such as candlesticks and lamps, but they also make furniture, jewellery and artwork.
Official Website

Some of my favourite products from their collection

The Kiss- Lamp. Available with black or white shade.
Retail price around 179 EUR
Bengt&Lotta Lamp

Another fabulous lamp. This one is called The Tree
Retail price around 179 EUR

Bengt & Lotta Lamp

Heart – Candlestick
Retailprice around 30 EUR

Pics courtesy of Bengt & Lotta