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Cool Typographic Poster Designs


UK-based freelance graphic designer Pete Ware of 17th and Oak pay typographic homage to  movies and TV by using iconic quotes and characters. How about this Darth Vader one? Fantastic. An A3 print cost  £30 including P&P. Check out his webpage for more designs and information on how to order. He also creates personalised cdesigns of your favourite quote.


Who has 500 million Friends?

You might find it pointless and useless, or addictive and the best invention since sliced bread, it all depends on where you’re coming from. Personally, I do have a Facebook account to keep in touch with friends that I don’t get to meet that often. For that purpose Facebook is indeed brilliant. In all other aspects I find it extremely overrated.
Those stupid little entries; “Enjoying a glass of wine on the porch” or “Watching a movie”. Who seriously cares except for the one posting it on their own wall? Judging from how most peopel utilize Facebook, I’ve come to the conclusion that Facebook more often than not serves as a tool to spy on former boyfriends or girlfriends, a social popularity contest or mental masturbation brag tool.

But it’s hard to argue that it hasn’t revolutionized how we keep in contact with people around us and how we are networking. And it also have turned personal integrity upside down in the way it tracks your every wherabout online and interlace with basically every second website today.

Still, never in my life did I ever think I would ever be interested in watching a film about Facebook or its CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg. But I have to admit, as soon as “The Social Network” premieres at a theatre near me, I will be first in line to get a ticket. And the main reason is that it is spelled Mr David Fincher.

Fincher, the resident house god here at Kuriosa Randoma, is the director behind the film, and judging from his past directorial cinematic happenings (Fight Club, Se7en, Panic Room, Zodiac, the Game, Curious Case of Benjamin Button) we might very well have this year’s best movie in front of us. Fincher can do no wrong, and in case you are going to hold Alien 3 against him, then I can inform you that Alien 3 was only 25% Fincher’s vision and 75% Fox movie studio’s vision. HA!

The Social Network premieres in USA Oct 1st and should be out in Europe pretty soon there after.

Here’s the official trailer in the meantime.

So far the movie has received fantastic reviews of which several is calling it one of the best films of the 21st century, and it is a frontrunner for a Best Picture nomination. But I suspect that the people at Facebook’s HQ and Zuckerberg are less than happy with the film’s unflattering portrayal of them.

So call me a fullfledged cynic, but raise your hand if you, just like me, think it is more than a pure coincidence that Zuckerberg happens to donate $100 million to the public school system in Newark, N.J., (a crime ridden town outside NY and also a town Zuckerberg never visited) a week before the movie opens?

You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies, eh?.

Hoax or Not – The Lost Years of Phoenix

I am dead curious about the new film I’m Still Here , directed by Casey Affleck and portraying actor Joaquin Phoenix during one year after which he announced he would quit acting and take up a career as a rapper. Is it a documentary or a mockumentary? Affleck has always maintained it is not a joke and that it is a serious chronicle of Phoneix struggles to be taken serious in his new career choice.

I'm Still Here Poster

Since 2008 we have seen Phoenix going from a clean shaven, well dressed, extremely talented oscan nominated actor to a scruffy-looking mumbling wannabe hiphoper with long unruly beard and unwashed hair behaving quite strange in public. If it is serious, then I feel sorry for Phoenix, if it is a mockumentary it gotta be one of the funniest and elaborated jokes-on-you in the recent history of entertainment.

The movie has its world premiere this week. I can’t wait to see it.

Photo Credit: Magnolia Pictures

The Real Mad Men of the Past 50 Years

Art and Copy
Director: Doug Pray
Genre: Documentary
Year: USA, 2009
The documentary Art and Copy tells the story about the greatest advertising geniuses behind some of the world’s best known campaigns of the last 40-50 years. We all know these campaigns because today they are rooted deeply in our pop culture;” I love NY” or Nike’s “Just do it!” but hardly anybody knows the people behind those ideas. Well, I certainly didn’t.

Doug Pray masterfully explores those creatives in his film and it’s so refreshing to actually watch something that depicts the ad industry in a good light for once, because it’s so often associated with manipulations, dishonesty, twisted truths and people who are more into showing off and taking clients on expensive excursions and nights out. Well, that side is unfortunately also true, but what most people don’t acknowledge or perhaps even realise is that in the best examples of advertisting there are true creativty behind it. And like with all creativity, whether it is writing novels, painting, graffiti, fashion design, sculptures, there is something profoundly humane about it.
I might be biased, because of my own occupation, but Art and Copy is definitely worth looking up, even though as with most documentaries it might not be the easiest to find.

Grade: 4/5

The official Trailer (in HD).