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A Parallel World in Noemi Goudal’s Impressive Photography

Haven Her Body Was and les Amants are creative installations by London-based artist and photographer Noemie Goudal.  Creating the illusion of open doors to a parallell universe, Goudal shows a world where nothing is what it seems to be at first glance.

For more info and more photographs check her official website at
All photographs belong to Noemi Goudal.


Tronsmo – One of those kind of bookstores you want to live in 24/7

Last time I spent a few days in Oslo, Norway, a friend of mine who lives in the city, showed me this absolutely amazing little alternative bookstore named Tronsmo; it’s one of those shops that you can’t believe your lucky star that you found out about.

I personally feel it is important to support those kind of bookstores. The owners and staff put so much effort into handpicking those hard to find titles which you otherwise wouldn’t even know existed.


Tronsmo carries fiction litteratur from East Asia, India, Africa, Latin America and Middle East. They have a fantastic assortment of books that discusses film, music, design, photography and art, and non-fiction social commentary litterature that critisize, debates and bring up dialogue about such topics as globalism and politics.
There is also a small but very nice assortment of travel litterature titles ( I bought a handful of titles from the Wallpapers City Guide books, a book series which I absolutely love.)
And last but not least, their comic book and graphic novel assortment are very impressive.

Tronsmo is located on Kristian Augustsgate 19 (5 min walking distance from Karl Johans Gata)

Check out their official website: where you also can purchase books.

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Crazy Hotel: Wanna Play Stack House?

Innel Hotel which newly opened in Zaandam in Holland certainly firmly place the town on the world map. Talk about taking stacking stuff on top of one another on to a whole new level. This has to be one of the most crazy and awe-inspiring hotel designs ever. It has 160 rooms and is inspired by the traditional green houses (which I absolutely love btw) in the North-West of Holland. I wonder if the interior live up to the exterior?
The hotel is the brainchild of architect Wilfried van Winden from the firm WAN Architecten

Photo by Roel Backaert


Meissen – More than China

Some of my pictures  from Meissen, in the former DDR from my visit there in 2009. I took a daytrip there while staying in nearby Dresden for 9 days. Meissen is first and foremost  known for its china factory (bearing the same name as the town), one of the highest quality porcelaine manufacturers in the world, and the white castle overlooking the town and the Elbe river. However, I visited neither, but instead opted for enjoying the insanely hot afternoon by strolling along the picturesque and narrow streets, slipping into one or two of the numerous cozy street cafes for a macchiato and some huge delicious Mövenpick icecream. It was impossible not to let the camera work non-stop all the time because every corner I walked around proved to be cuter than the one I just had passed.
It’s such an incredible well taken-care of town.  Every house downtown is in tip top shape, impeccably painted and maintained.

Meissen is a beautiful town to stop by at if you are in the Saxony state, it is well worth a few hours detour. It might be too small  to warrant a longer stay, at least it is for me who has a tendency to get bored very easily after a few days in the same  location unless I am in a big city, but it’s certainly perfect for a day trip like I did.