Heidi Klum + Bill Kaulitz – Two Fashion Icons Finally Together

Rockstar Bill Kaulitz will join Heidi Klum tomorrow night on Germany’s Next Top Model. The show was filmed a few weeks ago at the Galaxy Theater in Los Angeles.  Heidi personally called Bill and asked him to join the show: “I just called him and lured him with pretty girls” Heidi told today’s Bild newspaper.

In this weeks episode the models will get styled like rockstars and do a stage dive photoshoot. Joining Bill and Heidi is also star photographer Marc Baptiste.

The team of Heidi + Bill is a dream come true of mine. I always wished Bill would appear on Project Runaway. After all, he is the best dressed male celebrity in the world today and has a unique style. Many designers such as like Karl Lagerfeld, Wolfgang Joop and  Killian Kerner are all fans of his styles. What I most love about his style is that he makes menswear look interesting, and he is one of the few guys that girls look at for inspiration. Sure, like any true fashion icon he makes hits and misses, but he is always interesting and he is never afraid of taking risks and doesn’t dress for the sole purpose of attention or shockvalue, even though his style often draws  lot of attention. I admire people who doesn’t always play it safe (Jennifer “black dress, hair in her face” Aniston, I’m looking at you).

The show will air on Pro Sieben at 20.30 CET tomorrow,


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