Best Social Art Project Ever? One Million Giraffes

This is one of the things I love most about Internet; it brings people from all kinds of paths in life to join in on some of the most random projects ever. “One Million giraffes” is one of those.

Two friends; Ola and Jörgen, make a silly bet with each other. Ola claims that he can collect one million pictures of giraffes. Jörgen bet he can’t.

Ola starts a website where people can upload pics that they have drawn or made of giraffes.

440 days later and with the help from, well a lot of people, Ola wins the bet.

This was one year ago but you can still upload your giraffe picture. It’s a perfect thing to do on a rainy day.

Be sure to check it out: .
It’s still alive and kicking and now also has a theme song, which somebody made. And then somebody else made a cover of it! I love how each and every giraff pictures is properly credited to the person who sent it in.

This fun and heartwarming social art project has now resulted in a book “One Million Giraffes” which in 32 pages squeeze in almost all of the giraffes in a mosaic style pattern.

One Million Giraffes

You can order the book here at Amazon


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