Eva Solo and Bodum – The Lovely Danes

Denmark is famous for excellent designs, and it’s certainly is well deserved reputation. One of my favourite kitchenware and tableware companies is Bodum. They have a huge assortment of products but each item isn’t always that easy to track down in the local stores around here, so the web shop DanskDesign.nu which specializes in Danish Design products is often my saviour.

Today I received my Bodum Pavina mugs that I had ordered. I bought two of each colour; cerise, purple and black, but they are available in plenty more colours. The cerise is less neon-pink in real life than it is in this picture. The coloured silicone sleeve protects your fingers from getting burnt when drinking hot beverages. I love them! When I get bored of them, I will use them for pencils and stuff at my desk in my office. Or use them as small flower pots.

Pavina Bodum Mugs

I also love Eva Solo. Their drip-free Tea Brewer with the nylon jacket is to die for. The jacket keeps the tea hot for over an hour. It’s perfect.

Eva Solo Tea Brewer

Pics courtesy of DanskDesign.nu and Eva Solo


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