Book review: We Are One

This is a book I hope everyone will buy. It’s about a topic that I take great interest in; tribal people. The 225 page book is called We are One and is edited by Jo Eede and portrays the wisdom, situation and cultures of tribal peoples throughout the world; from Yanomani indians in South America to Aboriginees in Australia.

Several celebrities, the likes of Richard Gere and Colin Firth, have also contributed with essays or quotes. The book are filled with stunning photographs and are worth buying for that alone. But the best reason for buying it; all profits go to tribal people.

We are One is made and published by Survival International, a unique organisation that has worked for over 40 years to help the situation for the world’s tribal peoples, and to make the rest of the world open their eyes to the problems that tribal people face. Unfortunately the mainstream media hardly ever write a line about tribal people’s situation and the crime that is made against them. that is why Survival International is such an important organization.

PS! You can buy the book here

Both pics courtesy of Survival International.


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