Tokyo Fusion: An Explosion of Creativity

Today I went to the newly opened (as of Sep 17) exhibition Tokyo Fusion at the Museum of World Culture in Gothenburg, Sweden. Normally all exhibitions are free of admission at the museum but this one cost 6 EUR. Although a bit small in size, it was still worth the fee, at least to a self proclaimed Japan enthusiast like me.
In addition to Tokyo Fusion, they also have a handful of other exhibitions, of which A Stolen World is the stand out and the one most worth a visit. A Stolen World is about the famous and invaluable Paracas Textiles that were robbed from graves in Peru hundred years ago. Apart from showing the insanely beautiful textiles, what I liked most about that exhibition is that the focus was on the unethical part of stealing another culture’s heritage.

But… I didn’t visit A Stolen World today since I had been there a few months ago. Today was all about Japan; origami, nail and hair art, fashion, anime, samurai costumes, textiles and above all; kimonos.

It’s an explosion of colour and creativity. Wandering among the various booths is like getting a pure energy injection. Some of the featured artists and their work were: Shojono Tomo’s clothes and toys and a wall art created especially for Tokyo Fusion exhibition, Koichi Okamoto’s fusa (tassels), Shin Taka’s street origami figures, photographer Aia Jüdes photos from her years living in Tokyo, Takuya Angels’ clothes, and a huge (about 7 metres long) wall painting by Koralie & Supakitch. See pic below.

Wallpainting by Koralie & Supakitch

Photos: Kuriosa Randoma


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