Hoax or Not – The Lost Years of Phoenix

I am dead curious about the new film I’m Still Here , directed by Casey Affleck and portraying actor Joaquin Phoenix during one year after which he announced he would quit acting and take up a career as a rapper. Is it a documentary or a mockumentary? Affleck has always maintained it is not a joke and that it is a serious chronicle of Phoneix struggles to be taken serious in his new career choice.

I'm Still Here Poster

Since 2008 we have seen Phoenix going from a clean shaven, well dressed, extremely talented oscan nominated actor to a scruffy-looking mumbling wannabe hiphoper with long unruly beard and unwashed hair behaving quite strange in public. If it is serious, then I feel sorry for Phoenix, if it is a mockumentary it gotta be one of the funniest and elaborated jokes-on-you in the recent history of entertainment.

The movie has its world premiere this week. I can’t wait to see it.

Photo Credit: Magnolia Pictures


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