The Real Mad Men of the Past 50 Years

Art and Copy
Director: Doug Pray
Genre: Documentary
Year: USA, 2009
The documentary Art and Copy tells the story about the greatest advertising geniuses behind some of the world’s best known campaigns of the last 40-50 years. We all know these campaigns because today they are rooted deeply in our pop culture;” I love NY” or Nike’s “Just do it!” but hardly anybody knows the people behind those ideas. Well, I certainly didn’t.

Doug Pray masterfully explores those creatives in his film and it’s so refreshing to actually watch something that depicts the ad industry in a good light for once, because it’s so often associated with manipulations, dishonesty, twisted truths and people who are more into showing off and taking clients on expensive excursions and nights out. Well, that side is unfortunately also true, but what most people don’t acknowledge or perhaps even realise is that in the best examples of advertisting there are true creativty behind it. And like with all creativity, whether it is writing novels, painting, graffiti, fashion design, sculptures, there is something profoundly humane about it.
I might be biased, because of my own occupation, but Art and Copy is definitely worth looking up, even though as with most documentaries it might not be the easiest to find.

Grade: 4/5

The official Trailer (in HD).


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