Summer Plans

Next year me and a friend will  travel around Europe on train  for 4 weeks. I was going to say backpacking but I don’t think that is a correct description, at least not how I interpet the word. We will stay at pretty comfortable hotels and not sleep at trainstations, campings nor on the trains. Hell, sleeping on  a train  can sometimes cost 120 EUR which is what a average  room at a 4 star hotel cost.  Anyway, train-hiking around in Europe is something I always wanted to do when I was younger but for some reason never did.

We will spend the first two weeks in Germany. My friend has never been in Berlin or Hamburg and I am dying to show both of those cities to her. I’ve been to Hamburg four times this year already, but haven’t been in Berlin since 2009. My longing to go there can be almost overpowering sometimes. I had planned to revisit two months ago but changed plans midthrough the trip and ended up elsewhere instead. Sometimes I think I must be the queen of improvising. 😉

When we are in Hamburg we will stay at Radisson Blu downtown,where I almost always stay when I am in Hamburg. They have such friendly staff, very nice stylish and modern design to all rooms and public areas (they extensively renovated the whole hotel 2009) and  it only takes 5 minutes to walkdown to Jungferstieg (central shopping street in Hamburg).  They also  have two great restaurants; Felinis, which is italian, and Trader’s Vic which is French-Polynesian, and where I once spent one of my most pleasant evenings at a restaurant. Ever.   There’s also a bar on the ground floor of the hotel and they make fantastic drinks there.

Apparently there is also a very famous bar on the 26th floor, but I haven’t been there which is embarrassing considering I’ve stayed at the hotel 6 times and didn’t even know about the bar’s existance until a months ago when I read about it in a city guide. And now I seem to read about it as soon as I open any article, website or book on Hamburg. Go figure.

The lobby,  view from the room, and the room. Photos from  one of my most recent stays at Radisson Blu in Hamburg.


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