What’s so Mad about Men

Last night at the Emmy Awards,  Mad Men deservingly won Best Drama Series for the third consecutive year, and also for  Best Writing for a drama series.

I had also rooted for Jon Hamm and Christina Hendricks to be able to bring home trophies in their respective categories they were nominated in; Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress. Unfortunately, they lost to and Bryan Cranston for Breaking Bad and Archie Panjabi for The Good Wife.
Now, I can’t reallly comment on those two actors because I have seen neither of those shows, but I have a hard time believing that Hamm and Hendricks were not robbed. During all three seasons of Mad Men they have  managed to pull off completely  flawless acting in extremely difficult roles that demands very nuanced acting that is more about  what is not being said than what is being said.

Anyhow, big congratulation to Mad Men. My all time favourite TV series. It’s a fullblown addiction now. Never has a TV show felt more realistic, like you are actually peeping into somebody’s lives. I guess that’s the outcome of having a TV series for once being full of substance and superb attention to detail. It’s slow pacing and features none of the fast cut MTV editing style, it breathes like fine wine.

In the first three seasons it has fearlessly, tastefully and unobtrusively divulged into topics such as suicide, antisemitism, homophobia, homosexuality, abuse, alcoholism, infidelity, racism,sexism and infertility and divorce without ever feeling like it preaches.

The ever present sexism and constant smoking/constant drinking (while driving cars and being pregnant) are indeed shockingly provoking, at least when you first get into the series, but that is how it was, and I love how they aren’t shying away from it to fit into the rose coloured glasses that we normally are accustomed to view the 1960s through on TV and in movies.
It’s a world I certainly do not want to live in, but at the same time I am strangely attracted to it. Go figure.

And what can be said about the dresses at the Emmys? Honestly, the red carpet  is what award shows really is about anyway. The Mad Men cast  were both hit and misses last night.

January, Elisabeth and Christina

I would have loved January Jones quirky cobolt blue seashell dress from Versace if she had combined it with a more stuitable hairdo than one that looks like she just overslept and showed up to the redcarpet 10 minutes later. And more interesting shoes than just plain black pumps.


Elisabeth’s Donna Karen dress is beautifully cut and layered but the colour washes her out. Nude and beige are been in this season, but hardly anyone can pull it off. Not a stand out dress but not a bad one either.

Curvaeous Christina Hendricks looked fabolous in a formhugging  lavendel coloured Zac Posen dress that complemented her pale skin and red hair beautifully. It’s not always easy to succesfully dress in pale colours if you have very light coloured skin but this is the way to do it.


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