Bubbelicious Organic

Today I fell in love with Whole Earth’s Sparking Delicious Cola. Yeah it’s the name, but it also serves as a perfect description of the taste. You can feel the freshnes and crisp. I am along time lover of Pepsi Maxi and Coca Cola  and Coca Cola Light and I don’t even wanna admit to how many litres a week of it I consume. But Whole Earth’s cola beats them out of the water.  I found it in the my local health food store. I have no clue how common they are or how easy they are to find elsewhere.

Sparkling Delicious Cola

It’s completely organic and has no artificial flavours, preservatives, or sugar, and it is produced by strict organic standards and regulations, which is the reason why I bought it in the first place. I’ve tried organic colas before and they have not tasted good so I am happy this was an exception..

The ingridients are sparkling water, organic agave syrup, organic apple jouce from concentrate, organic lemon juice from concentrate,  barley malt extract, natural flavourings, cola nut extract. Nothing else. 🙂


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