Kumpir – Potatoes baked in heaven

What: Kumpir, restaurant
Schanzenstrasse, Hamburg, Germany

One of the best discoveries during my last Hamburg trip was running into Kumpir, a turkish baked potato restaurant located in one of my favourite neighbourhoods; the Schanzenviertel.

Now, baked potatoes have never been a favourite of mine because they tend to make for a pretty boring meal. But not at Kumpir. They have a HUGE selection of fillings, and tons and tons of alternatives for vegetarians. My first one included green couscous, sunddried tomatoes, hummus, mushrooms, two kinds of beans, some tasty sauce, and at least 5 more ingridients. And it cost nothing. Full meal with a beverage (Fritz Melon soda) was about 5 EUR.

We visited three times in two days. Yup, on Saturday we went there twice. They were that good. 🙂 While we were there there was a steady stream of people waiting in line to order.  No wonder.  But you never had to wait long though cause the guys behind the counter were extremely efficient.

The picture sucks, but it was snapped with my cellphone with low res camera setting. As you can see the outdoor tables aren’t that cozy- you are sitting on benches in the middle of pavement – but don’t let that prevent you from enjoying Kumpir. The inside is decorated with a nice turkish atmosphere to it, but with a fast food joint touch to it. It’s not the kind of restaurant for a fancy evening date, and there aren’t any secluded areas tables to sit at,  but it is perfect for a quick bite to eat anytime during the day.

The staff told me that there is also a second Kumpir in Hamburg on Moorstrasse. Next time I am in Hamburg I will make sure to check that one out too.

Worth a visit? I would gladly have paid three times the price, which was an insanely low sum of EUR 3,60. I highly recommend it to anyone, even the ones who like me normally do not fancy baked potatoes.


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