Hello world!

Soooo… just kicking off my shoes now. Let’s see where this will take us. I haven’t really done much in any  blogs lately, mostly been updating my facebook after abandoning my Livejournal last year, but the boring thing about FB is that it gives no room for more than 5 sentences or so, so this format should fit me better.

There’s alot of things going on in my mind all the time, so I probably will have alot of things to cover. 🙂 I’m very, very curious and I love to learn new things. I have a constant need for brain stimuli.  I think a lot about a lot of topics, of which some probably might appear very random to some people. But hey, look at the name I picked for my blog. 😉 It is pretty fitting.

And my friends can testify that the tagline pretty much sums up my personality.


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